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With every demolition project, we apply environmentally responsible, minimally disruptive methods, and customized technology reflective of the unique specifications of your demolition and recovery project.

Every demolition project is one-of-a-kind and must be done correctly. We use our expertise to help clients choose the right way to handle asbestos removal, demolition, and site cleanup while following all the rules and safety guidelines. By planning carefully before starting and sticking to the plan, we can reduce or even eliminate any future liabilities for our clients.

Demolition comprises of two key aspects: the secure dismantling of structures and the environmentally responsible disposal of resulting waste. As professionals specializing in demolition and waste management, YORK1 effectively handles both of these aspects across a diverse range of residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal locations across Canada.

At YORK1, our employees embody a safety-first mindset. We implement effective quality management programs with input from all team members to ensure the safety of a site and its total demolition projects. The key to our success is the hard work and dedication of the entire YORK1 team. They work diligently to guarantee the success of the project and our client’s satisfaction.


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IVOR Stadium

Stadiums and Sporting Arenas


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Abatement & Removal

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York1 Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal


Lead Paint

Mold Removal




Additional Services

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Soil Remediation York1 Service

Site Remediation

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Metal Recycling

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Recycling & Waste Diversion

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Mine Reclamation

Turn-Key Demolition & Site Clean-Up

YORK1 provides full-service abatement, demolition, and cleanup services while adhering to all applicable government regulations.  Returning your industrial brownfields to reusable sites. We take care of coordinating your demolition project from start to finish and are backed by a health & safety plan designed specifically for your individual project.

Preparation for successful remediation and site restoration begins with the safe dismantling of the structure.

  • Pre-demolition inspections and cost evaluation
  • Verification and disconnection of services
  • Arranging for the sampling testing and identification of suspected materials
  • Municipal permits
  • Inspections and documentation
  • Environmental surveys
  • Hazardous material abatement
  • Debris removal
  • Removal of underground and above-ground storage tanks
  • Removal of contaminated soils
Site Clean Up Turn Key Demolition Clean Fields

Environmentally Responsible

As a leader in abatement, demolition, and site remediation, YORK1 Demolition ensures environmentally responsible disposal of waste generated from your demolition site.

  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • PCB
  • Mercury
  • Mould
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In addition to the environmental and health & safety benefits, our onsite material separation and asset recovery of all salvageable materials gives you the value of otherwise wasted resources.


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