Commercial Demolition

Break It Down

YORK1’s commercial demolitions each come with a custom proposal and plan to ensure a safe demolition of the building.

Commercial Demolition Solutions

Commercial demolition, like many types of building demolition, can be broken into two clear steps. First, the safe dismantling of the structure itself, and second, environmentally responsible disposal of the waste generated. Without both these steps being fully complete, a demolition is ineffective.

Particularly with commercial buildings, there are a variety of environmental factors that need to be taken into consideration. What are the building’s surroundings? What types of materials are in the building? What are the local bylaws? What is located underground? If above or below-ground storage tanks are present, YORK1 will safely remove and dispose of them. Additionally, we will address any contaminated soil around commercial buildings during the demolition process, ensuring the site is primed for new construction.

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In older commercial buildings, things like mould, lead, and asbestos can often be a concern. We work with experts who offer sampling and testing as part of our pre-demolition work to verify whether or not these harmful materials and particles are present. In commercial demolitions where abatement is required, our qualified team will remove the substances to ensure they do not become airborne. All removals are in accordance with the Ministry of Labour Regulations and Guidelines.


We have experience with various types of commercial demolition across Southern Ontario and Canada.

Some of our most recent commercial demolition projects include:

  • City Centre
  • Galleria Mall
  • Erin Mills Town Centre
  • Vaughan Kumon Building
  • Jackson Street
  • Old Brick Brewery

At each of these sites, we were required to create custom proposals and plans for demolition to ensure all environmental aspects were handled appropriately, the team was fully trained for all aspects, and all the materials would be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Each commercial demolition site is different, and we approach each new project with ideas and processes to ensure it is as efficient as possible.


City Centre

YORK1 demolition team took on a 10-storey multi-tenant building. Our skilled team performed the abatement of designated substances, followed by the interior demolition of architectural finishes, ensuring efficient separation of waste materials. The use of a high-reach excavator completed the demolition as the team performed structural demolition with precision and expertise.

Jackson Commericacl

Jackson Street

This project began with asbestos and hazardous material abatement, followed by obtaining a demolition permit and carefully executing the demolition to minimize disruption to neighboring buildings. After removal, the site was filled, compacted, and transformed into new parking spaces with asphalt surfacing.


Old Brick Brewery

The project focused on the selective demolition of a 12,000 sf industrial building. The project involved the removal of all interior finishes back to the base structure. A different contractor then placed structural steel support elements into the building when this was finished. Once the structure was secure, our team removed the roof, exterior walls and interior floors and wood structural framing. This effectively isolated the center of the structure from the rear and left the supported historical front section in place for future reuse.

Why choose YORK1 for Commerical Demolition:  

  • Expertise: YORK1 boasts extensive expertise in commercial demolition, ensuring safe and efficient project execution. 
  • Precision: Our team carries out demolition projects with precision, minimizing disruptions and optimizing results. 
  • Compliance: We adhere rigorously to regulations, ensuring each demolition project meets legal and environmental standards. 
  • Timely Completion: YORK1's track record showcases timely project completion without compromising quality. 
  • Tailored Solutions: We craft customized demolition strategies to fit the unique needs of every commercial project. 
  • Safety Priority: Safety is paramount in every step, making YORK1 a reliable choice to mitigate risk and liability.


Reach out to us today to receive a customized quote for your commercial demolition project in Canada. Our expert team at YORK1 is ready to provide you with competitive pricing and exceptional service tailored to your specific needs.