At YORK1 Demolition, we're not just tearing down structures; we're redefining the very essence of infrastructure demolition. As trailblazers in our field, we embody precision, leadership, and dominance in every infrastructure demolition project.

infrastructure Demolition SOLUTIONS

We do more than just demolish buildings; we're experts at raising the bar for infrastructure removal. With our broad knowledge and a variety of demolition methods, our teams excel in various tasks, from taking apart specific parts to tearing down entire structures like bridges, water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, rail, and transit lines.

At YORK1, we understand that infrastructure demolition is more than mere deconstruction; it's a symphony of strategic planning, expertise, safety, and environmental responsibility. As Canada evolves and reshapes its landscapes, YORK1 paves the way for new developments.


Our skilled professionals, who are well-versed in operating state-of-the-art machinery, prioritize safety and environmental concerns in every demolition project. We take pride in setting the standard for responsible industry practices, placing a strong emphasis on reducing waste and promoting sustainability. We continuously strive to stay at the forefront of our field.

projects we've worked on

  • Ogden Avenue Pedestrian Bridge
  • Ashbridges Bay Water Treatment Plant
  • Davenport Diamond
  • Metrolinx
  • Gardiner Expressway
  • Canpa Spur
  • Western Beaches Tunnel Rehabilitation 
  • Crosslinx TTC Eglinton Station

At each of these sites, we created custom proposals and plans for demolition projects to ensure all environmental aspects were handled appropriately, the team was fully trained for all aspects, and all the materials were disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Each infrastructure demolition site was different, and we approached each new project with ideas and processes to ensure it was as efficient as possible.

Bridge night

Ogden AVENUE Pedestrian Bridge

Dismantled in 8 Hours! The removal of the Ogden Avenue Pedestrian Bridge was accomplished within a mere 8 hours, adhering to the predetermined timeline. This bridge extended over 11 lanes, incorporating 6 lanes of the QEW, and the bridge spanned one of North America's busiest highways. Excavators equipped with shears, hammers, buckets, grapples, rock trucks, and loaders were deployed during the nighttime operations, contributing to the successful completion of this project phase.

Aerial photo of the Ashbridges Bay tunnel project


The Ashbridges Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant is the city of Toronto's main sewage treatment facility, and the second largest such plant in Canada. One of four plants that service the city of Toronto, it treats the wastewater produced by some 1.4 million of the city's residents and has a rated capacity of 818,000 cubic metres per day. We were involved in abatement, demolition and site grading services for Block A & Block B.



YORK1 proudly played a role in The Exhibition Station early works project, a pioneering endeavor in the transportation sector. This monumental undertaking included not only the construction of a 15.6-kilometer subway line with 15 innovative stations, reshaping urban transit, but also the successful demolition of a commercial/industrial building, including tunnels.

Why Choose YORK1 for Infrastructure Demolition

  • Strategic Expertise: YORK1's team draws on years of experience to strategically assess buildings to optimize the demolition processes.
  • Safety Commitment: Committed to safety, we work with experts who conduct comprehensive environmental studies to identify and manage hazardous materials, ensuring secure demolition practices.
  • Cutting-Edge Machinery: We use state-of-the-art demolition-equipped machinery, including high-reach excavators, guaranteeing efficient and impactful infrastructure demolition.
  • Environmental Stewardship: YORK1 prioritizes environmental considerations, controlling dust and noise, and ensuring responsible material disposal.
  • Sustainability Minded: During the demolition project we make every effort to provide opportunities for asset recovery and recycling. Post-demolition we focus on ensuring site clearance, soil stabilization, and preparing the site for the next phase of use, be that for a new building or to return the site back to a natural state.
  • Regulatory Adherence: YORK1 complies with all local and national regulations, obtaining necessary permits to seamlessly execute projects across Canada.
  • Tailored Excellence: Armed with specialized expertise, YORK1 crafts customized demolition approaches for unique structures like dams or bridges, ensuring precision and efficacy.

If you're in search of unparalleled infrastructure demolition services in Canada, become a part of the YORK1 legacy. Request a quote today, and together, let's redefine the Canadian skyline.


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