YORK1 specializes in institutional demolition, encompassing schools and hospitals, and also extends its expertise to a comprehensive range of structures. With a proven track record, we guarantee precision, safety, and tailored solutions for all your institutional demolition needs.


At YORK1, we understand that each demolition project is not merely a task it's a responsibility. With our seasoned expertise, we confidently guide our clients towards impeccable abatement, demolition, and site remediation, all while upholding the highest standards of regulation and health and safety protocols. Anticipation, precision, and leadership are our guiding principles, ensuring our clients face no future liabilities.

Every structure has its life cycle, and at its end, two critical elements emerge; the efficient dismantling of the structure and the responsible disposal of waste. As recognized leaders in the field, YORK1 effectively addresses both of these facets, consistently delivering excellence across residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal sites throughout Canada. 

Health and safety aren't mere checklist items; they are our cornerstone. Our rigorous quality management programs, formulated with insights from our dedicated team, ascertain the complete safety of every site. The foundation of YORK1's esteemed reputation is our unwavering team. Our commitment ensures not just project success but an unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. 

Demolition Institution

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive grasp of demolition services, encompassing abatement and managing projects with sensitive requirements. With a distinct focus on environmental responsibility, YORK1 promises not just excellent service but a commitment to our client's peace of mind. Our expertise shines especially bright in institutional demolition—schools, hospitals, government structures, and more. 



  • Windsor City Hall
  • Bloor Collegiate High School
  • McMaster Innovation Park
  • UofT Fitzgerald Building
  • Scott Park High School
  • Parkview Secondary School
  • Sanford Ave. School
  • Hotel D'eau Hospital
  • Grace Hospital
  • Meno-Ya-Win Hospital
  • London Psychiatric Hospital

Hotel D’eau Hospital

The demolition of the main hospital building, a six-story reinforced concrete structure encompassing nearly 240,000 SF, was demolished using a fleet of demolition equipped excavators, led by our 70’ and 90’ high reach excavators. All of the C&D waste was disposed of, and once the foundations and footings were removed, the concrete was crushed and recycled off-site.

High School Demo3

Scott Park High School

The school building was a large 6 story high, steel and block structure. The entire steel structure had been sprayed with an asbestos containing fireproofing when it was built. Prior to any other work taking place, this friable material had to be removed following Type 3 removal procedures.


Grace Hospital Windsor

The scope of work for this project included the site clean up & asbestos abatement, followed by the complete demolition and site restoration of the contaminated site.

Comprehensive Demolition & Site Cleanup

Parkside YORK1

We offer a start-to-finish solution, compliant with all governing regulations. Our offerings for your demolition journey include:  

  • Pre-demolition inspections and cost evaluations
  • Service verifications
  • Elemental assessments
  • Permit acquisitions
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting
Debris Handling York!

Beyond the actual demolition, our services extend to: 

  • Environmental surveys
  • Hazardous material management 
  • Debris handling
  • Tank and soil management

As industry leaders, YORK1 ensures that every project leaves a minimal footprint. Our specialized units manage hazardous materials like asbestos, lead, PCBs, mercury, and mould. Beyond this, our dedication to sustainability means up to 95% of waste from our sites is kept away from landfills.

Why Choose YORK1 for Institutional Demolition:  

  • Safety Leadership: Safety is paramount. We ensure every team member is equipped with the right training and tools to execute seamlessly. 
  • Environmental Responsibility: Some buildings, especially older ones, may contain hazardous materials. Our experts ensure proper identification and safe handling. 
  • Respect for History: Many institutional structures carry historical significance. We conduct a thorough assessment before any action is taken, ensuring respect for heritage.
  • Efficient Resource Management: Demolition invariably produces waste. We've honed our processes to ensure optimal recycling and minimal environmental impact. 
  • Considerate Approach: We're ever mindful of neighboring structures, ensuring every project is executed without causing undue disruption. 
  • Regulatory Adherence: We're well-acquainted with every regulation, ensuring our projects are executed safely and responsibly. 
  • Precision Tools and Equipment: We use state-of-the-art equipment tailored to the specific needs of each project. 
  • Cost Efficiency: Financial prudence is key. We ensure that every project is budgeted accurately, avoiding unforeseen costs. 
  • Vision for the Future: Prior to any demolition, we work with stakeholders to understand the future use of the land, ensuring a smooth transition post-project. 
  • Community Engagement: Recognizing the importance of community, we engage with local residents to understand and address their concerns. 
  • Seamless Transit Coordination: In major cities, transit systems play a pivotal role in keeping the city moving, making it more efficient for people and businesses to get things done. We liaise with transit authorities to minimize disruptions and alleviate potential headaches.
  • Future-Oriented: Post-demolition, we align with the city's planning and zoning regulations, ensuring the next phase is as smooth as the demolition. 

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